Tesla improves Cybertruck handling, charging, and more in new update


Tesla has released the first major software update for the Cybertruck, and it improves the electric pickup’s handling, charging, and more.

One of the main downsides of Cybertruck right now is software.

Despite starting deliveries a few months ago, Tesla has yet to fully develop the electric pickup truck’s software, and it is still missing some important Autopilot features.

Today, Tesla has started pushing its first significant software update (2024.2.3) for the Cybertruck.

According to the release notes, the two main upgrades are to the handling and charging. Tesla claimed “improved ride and handling” and wrote:

Get a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode or when Custom Ride & Handling is set to Focused. Also expect reduced pitch and body roll in Off-Road Mode.

Tesla has put a lot of effort into the Cybertruck’s suspension with the goal of making the ride comfortable in most conditions: with or without a load, with or without a tow, on-road and off-road.

The automaker also claims that the new software update results in “more efficient charging”. Tesla wrote in the release notes:

Your vehicle now adjusts to the power level of each DC charging station. So battery preconditioning when you’re navigating to a charger, and then charging, can be more efficient.

The new update also includes a bunch of other goodies, but almost all of them appear to be the same that came in the recent “Tesla Holiday Update” and other smaller recent updates to the automaker’s other vehicles.

Electrek’s Take

I bet Tesla still has a lot of room to improve the Cybertruck through software updates. That has generally been the case with Tesla vehicles.

The automaker is a bit conservative with it at first and then enables more capacity through software over time.

But right now, I think Autopilot features should be a priority. I would assume that most, if not all, current Cybertruck owners are also owners of previous Tesla vehicles, and if you are used to Autosteer when highway driving, it’s hard to go without it.

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