ETaker’s M2000 Power Station is lighter, quieter, and more versatile than its competitors


Renewable energy solutions specialist ETaker has introduced its new M2000 Power Station – a modular, versatile portable energy provider that uses cutting edge technology like semi-solid-state batteries and Gallium Nitride to deliver all your power needs more efficiently. For a limited time you can get the M2000 Power Station for early bird launch price of $1099 before it increases to its $2199 retail price. Head below for a closer look.

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ETaker joins the market with a winning flagship product

ETaker may be a new name on the portable power station scene, but the company is deeply rooted in green technologies, particularly solar energy.

To date, the ETaker has achieved 45 invention patents and 25 design patents, earning 13 different accolades around the globe, including a prestigious 2023 Red Dot Design Award, as well as an International Design Excellence award.

The company was built upon the goal of providing the world with more renewable energy solutions to help alleviate the dependency on traditional power sources, like local grids.

To achieve this goal, ETaker has researched and developed cutting-edge industry technologies to not only deliver leading system performance, but also expand renewable energy usage throughout the green community.

Much of that technology is on display in ETaker’s flagship power station, the M2000. Complete with quiet, durable, and energy dense technology, this renewable energy solution is designed for support anywhere and everywhere – from power on the go, to home backup storage, and beyond.

Introducing the M2000 Power Station from ETaker

The M2000 recently made its debut as ETaker’s first energy storage product and the company came out swinging with this one. It’s smaller, lighter, and more versatile than many of the competitors it will go up against in the marker and ETaker has accessories in the pipeline to further set itself apart in providing renewable energy solutions.

For example, ETaker states it is the first company to use GaN (Gallium Nitride) in a solar generator. GaN is a new semiconductor material that offers several advantages over traditional silicon materials, offering better efficiency at higher power and frequencies, all in a smaller footprint.

The result is up to 96% inverting efficiency and 50% less heat dissipation in a power station that is 30% smaller, yet even more powerful. That power comes from a second key factor in the M2000’s performance – ETaker’s semi-solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

Each power station delivers 2 kWh of energy storage, with the modular capability to combine up to ten units for a whopping 20 kWh. At dimensions of 11.22 x 8.5 x 4 inches (25.8 x 21.6 x 35.5 cm) and a total weight of 37.5 pounds (17 kg) this power station offers the same capacity as many of its competitors, but in a smaller, lighter, and more energy dense (30-50% higher) package.

As a result, ETaker has declared the M2000 as the smallest and lightest 2 kWh power station in the world. There’s plenty more to unfold here, so let’s dig into the M2000’s specs.

Performance specs

In addition to combining 10 units for 20 kWh of power capacity, the M2000 can also deliver up to 16 kWh of AC power output. Furthermore, its simultaneous usage functions and support of 120V and 240V devices meets nearly all portable power needs in any scenario – whether its powering a home office off the grid, or providing home backup power during a weather emergency. Here’s all the plugs available:

  • ETaker power station

With an interface complete with various inputs and dependable power to boot, the M2000 supports EV charging up to 500W and photovoltaic fast charging up to 1kW, meaning whether your gas car needs a jump, or your EV needs a top off, this power station has you covered. Trying to charge at night? No problem, the system doubles as an emergency light to illuminate your surroundings.

Thanks to its lighter weight, it is also much easier for a single person to transport and deploy a number of ETaker power stations in a given situation, compared to conventional large-scale power solutions – especially when getting the power back on is of the essence.

While the M2000’s GaN technology already offers lower heat generation, ETaker’s power station is further cooled by fans and a body made from six-series alloy material (the highest grade available to civilians) that passively helps cool the device.

Even when temperatures drop, the ETaker Power Station can continue to function as normal, charging and discharging in conditions as low as -22℉. Such exterior protection also provides the M2000 with an IP63 resistance rating from water and dust that can better withstand damage due to bumps or falls.

In addition to being extra durable, the M2000’s exterior shell and GaN technology provide less working noise – 60% lower than similar products according to ETaker. The company states the M2000 will operate at nearly 0 decibels when the power station is working within 1,000-watts. Even at higher power levels, noise remains 50% lower than its competitors – ideal for RVs and enclosed spaces where noise pollution is a concern. Here are some additional specs:

  • Capacity: 2,008Wh
  • Max Expansion Capacity: 12,048Wh
  • Total AC Output: 2000-watts (4,000W Surge)
  • Total Output (AC + DC): 2,400W
  • DC Outputs:
    • USB-C: 2x 100W (5-20V)
    • USB-A: 2x 12W (5V, 2.4A) and 2x 60W (5-12V)
    • Car Power
    • Wireless Charger
  • AC Output:
    • 3x AC plugs

Renewables are a key feature in the M2000’s versatility

Alright, we’ve saved the best for last. You’ve seen the advanced technologies that went into the M2000 from ETaker, plus its modularity and performance perks, but what about its charging capabilities?

Accepting AC, car, and even solar charging has become pretty standard across power stations these days, but ETaker’s M2000 can also replenish itself using wind. Combining AC power with wind or solar, the M2000 Power Station can recharge to 100% in just 1.5 hours. Here’s how all the recharging inputs break down:

  • AC Charging:
    • Max 1,200W input
    • 1 hour to charge to 60-80%
    • 2 hours to charge to 100%
  • Solar Charging:
    • Max 1,000W input
    • 2.5 hours to charge to 100% (using solar panel with voltage between 20-50V)
  • Wind Charging:
    • Max 1,000W input
    • 2.5 hours to charge to 100% (requires ETaker Wind Turbine which will launch soon)
  • Car Charging:
    • 100-300W input
    • 7-20 hours to charge to 100%
  • EV Charging:
    • Max 1,200W input
    • 1 hour to charge to 60-80%
    • 2 hours to charge to 100%

ETaker M2000 Power Station pricing and availability

Interested in trying out ETaker’s M2000 Power Station for yourself?

Be one of the early adopters by pledging to its Kickstarter campaign, running now through December 23, 2023. $1,099 currently gets you one of the 100 first M2000s – that’s 50% off retail price.

A number of add-ons and bundles that include ETaker’s solar panels are also available.

Products are expected to be delivered in December 2023 or January 2024, depending on which package you select. Learn more here and be sure to take advantage of early pricing for this promising young power station developer.

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