Met Police appeals for footage or images of Israel attack after British citizens confirmed dead


The Met Police has appealed for footage or images of last weekend’s attack in Israel.

The force’s counter-terrorism unit is “appealing for anyone in the UK who has direct evidence related to the terrorist attacks”.

It added: “This appeal is directed at anyone who may have already returned from Israel in the past few days and has footage or images.

“There may also be people in the UK who have friends, relatives or loved ones in Israel and have been sent direct messages, images or videos.”

The police are discouraging people from sending them footage or information from social media, online sources, and media reports.

Hamas launched the surprise attack on Saturday morning, indiscriminately firing thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel.

After its militants crossed the border, on foot and using various modes of transport – including several on paragliders – Israel retaliated with air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

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Since the initial assault, at least 1,200 Israelis and 1,100 Palestinians have been killed.

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