‘Boycott Israel’ sign at Dublin store leaves Lush facing backlash


Lush, the UK-based cosmetics retailer, is facing a backlash from customers after a “boycott Israel” message was displayed on the window of one of its stores.

The company, which has in the past faced criticism from the Jewish community for openly supporting the Palestinian cause, suggested in a statement that a member of staff had been responsible for the sign at a store in Dublin.

It was yet to respond to questions from Sky News on whether the message, in the window of the Henry Street branch, had been removed or whether any individual had been disciplined.

There were expressions of outrage and calls for a boycott of Lush when an image of the sign was posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday evening by a user who stated support for the Israeli cause.

There were also some posts that backed the sign’s sentiments.

The number of people killed in Hamas’s attack on Israel has risen above 1,000, an Israeli military official has said.

At least 900 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and speculation remains rife that a major Israeli ground offensive is imminent.

Lush, which is based in Dorset, goes by the slogan “The overly friendly cosmetics shop”.

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It was accused of anti-Israel sentiment in 2011 when it endorsed a music single called “Freedom for Palestine”.

Its work has, however, also included support for an olive oil Fair Trade initiative involving both Arab and Jewish women.

Lush told Sky News in a statement: “We are a diverse company with staff of all ethnicities and religions whose personal views and opinions may vary, however, the following is our Company position: Lush deplores all violence and all injustice.

“Our wish is for peace and safety for all Israeli and Palestinian people. We support the upholding of international law and the human rights of all peoples.”

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