Prince Harry has appeared at the High Court as he attempts to prove reporters from Mirror Group Newspapers illegally obtained information when publishing stories about him.

As part of a special programme, Sky News transcribed what was said by the Duke of Sussex and recreated his court appearance with an actor.

Here are the five key moments from Harry’s first day in court.

‘In the realms of total speculation?’

Prince Harry was asked about an article that reported on a thumb injury he had suffered.

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) lawyer Andrew Green KC, who cross-examined the duke, asked Harry if he thinks the information for the story came from phone hacking or unlawful information gathering.

“Both,” the royal said.

Pressed on which phone would have been intercepted, the prince says he “can’t be sure”.

Mr Green said: “Are we not, Prince Harry, in the realms of total speculation?”

As it happened: Prince Harry’s first day in court

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Harry pressed on ‘speculation’

‘Your circle of friends starts to shrink’

Prince Harry confirmed he would not necessarily have seen the contents of each article that makes up his case, but said that “as a child, every single one of these articles played an important role, a destructive role in my growing up”.

He added “more than thousands, maybe millions of articles have been written about me since age 12”.

“Unfortunately stories which I’ve only shared with one or two people in my inner circle end up on the front page of a newspaper, or any page, your circle of friends starts to shrink and diminish rather rapidly.”

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‘Maybe millions of articles have been written about me’

‘That’s the way this works Prince Harry’

Harry remarked that photographers trying to find him on holiday in Noosa, Australia, would have faced a “needle in haystack” situation, as he alleged his whereabouts would have been found out through unlawful activity.

Harry then told Mr Green it would be better for him to speak to the journalist who wrote the article rather than him.

Mr Green replied: “I am here to cross-examine you, I am afraid that’s the way this works, Prince Harry.”

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Which articles have been mentioned in the hearing?

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Finding me like finding a ‘needle in a haystack’

Harry says papers tried to ‘throw him off the scent’

The Duke of Sussex told the court it is “deeply disturbing” that looking for him was “regarded as a hunt”.

He added: “A lot of false information was put in these articles to throw people like myself off the scent.”

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Harry on media ‘hunt’

Duke found ‘the level of detail’ distressing

Harry told the court reports of a pub lunch with friends “caused him distress” because he was hoping to have a private birthday gathering “and somehow a photographer found me”.

When Mr Green asked him twice what was so distressing about it, the duke said: “The level of detail, about myself, the relationship between myself and my girlfriend, my travel plans being broadcast to a huge audience.”

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Report of pub lunch ‘distressing’

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