Luxury automaker Genesis is rolling out new features for EV owners, including the world’s first facial recognition technology for its all-electric GV60 electric SUV.

As the Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury division, Genesis is slated to play a key role as the auto industry trends toward an all-electric future.

Genesis is vowing to end new ICE vehicle production from 2025 as it works to establish itself as a 100% zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030.

Since launching its first purely electric vehicle in 2021, the GV60 electric SUV, Genesis has continued to expand its presence in the EV market. Genesis followed it up with the release of the Electrified G80 executive sedan and Electrified GV70 last year.

The Electrified GV70 is the automaker’s first electric car assembled in the US, with models beginning to roll off the production line earlier this year.

Now, Genesis EV buyers will have access to new features, including the world’s first facial recognition technology.

Genesis introduces facial recognition and new EV features

Genesis revealed Wednesday its GV60 electric SUV is now available with innovative biometric technology, allowing owners to access and start their cars with their face alone.

The new technology is part of Genesis’s new advanced keyless entry system that also features fingerprint authentication. Using advanced facial recognition hardware and software, drivers can access and start their GV60 without any key fob or even a smartphone.

According to Genesis, the Face Connect system uses a near-infrared (NIR) camera in the door pillar and an advanced deep-learning processing controller to allow entry without keys or physical touch.

Perhaps, more importantly, Face Connect will also automatically load the user’s profile, including the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and head-up-display positioning.

With Digital Key 2.0, Genesis G60 drivers can share access to their EV with up to three users, each of which will have their own profile via smartphone.

On the exterior, when walking up to their vehicle (up to one meter away), Digital Key 2.0 automatically reveals welcome lighting for added safety and visibility at night.

The new 2023 Genesis GV60 features seats that fully recline, an ergonomically designed driver’s seat, ambient lighting, and an air purification system for its dual climate control system.

Genesis also refined the seats and material in the new 2023 Electrified G80 alongside an updated Integrated Controller for the infotainment system allowing quick and easy access to functions.

The luxury automaker says the key to its EVs performance is the brand’s EV (E-GMP) platform featuring an 800-V electrical system, vehicle-to-load capabilities, and the efficiency-enhancing disconnector actuator system for AWD.

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